Blockchain Development Company

Blockchain is a decentralized ledger that is protected by cryptographic techniques. As the leading blockchain development firm, we create high-quality blockchain applications that are adaptable for your sector, allowing you to get the most out of blockchain technology.

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Token Creation Services

Cryptocurrencies are upending the global financial economy and redefining how we transact. Cryptocurrencies have established themselves as a cornerstone of more secure, rapid, and transparent transactions by reducing settlement time, eliminating the middleman, and increasing security. Many start-ups and established companies around the world are entering into coin development to take advantage of the benefits of digital currencies, which has increased demand for cryptocurrency development services.

Leading Blockchain Application Development Company

Crypto is India's leading Blockchain development company, specializing in providing bespoke blockchain technological solutions to match your specific business requirements. We gained tremendous experience in the blockchain technology field as one of the early adopters and served 300+ clients from various fields such as business, banking & finance, real estate, healthcare, automobile & transportation, insurance, trading, and many other industries as one of the early adopters of blockchain technology.


Explore Our Blockchain Development Services

Crypto provides a wide range of services with a clear focus on providing our clients with bug-free software

Hyper-ledger Development

Hyperledger can help you push your business forward by enhancing the potential of open source blockchain. We create standardized distributed ledgers with open protocols and code-bases with the help of innovative blockchain experts with extensive Hyperledger development experience.

Private Blockchain Development

By developing blockchain to perform in certain industries and organizations, you may increase security and improve efficiency by incorporating private blockchain applications into your firm. We can create a private blockchain according to your specifications.

Smart Contract Development & Audit

In blockchain technology, smart contracts are used to digitally execute agreements and eliminate the chance of loss. We can help you increase your security level by establishing a personalized blockchain with a one-of-a-kind smart contract tailored to your requirements.

POC Development

We specialize in providing proof of concept (POC) services using smart contracts to assess the project's technical viability and determine the feasibility of your blockchain idea in a real-world application.If you are considering purchasing a product, POC can offer you with internal feedback as well as help you understand the dangers associated with the blockchain product.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

The blockchain keeps track of all your cryptocurrency transactions in your cryptocurrency wallet. We specialize in providing decentralized and secure desktop and mobile wallets for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies.

Blockchain App Consulting

Obtain the greatest consulting services from our highly competent blockchain application developers, who are well-versed in numerous blockchain platforms, and reap the most benefits by implementing the best blockchain service for your organization.

Features of our Blockchain-based Supply Chain Solution

To ensure great performance, we've added the following features to our supply chain system. Cryptocurrency Development Platform We Expertise We make currency using these methods, whether it's for mining or staking.

Smart Contract

A smart contract's purpose is to make trade and business between identified and anonymous parties easier. A smart contract embeds confidence in the system and removes the necessity for counterparties to carry out their obligations. It can assist in streamlining transactions, reducing duplication, and lowering expenses.

Multi-currency Wallet

A multicurrency wallet is a programmer that stores one's public and private keys and allows them to transact with multiple crypto assets. It enables you to transmit, receive, and monitor the status of your cryptocurrency balance.The security of digital wallets is ensured by a comprehensive auditing procedure that encompasses the security of cryptographic private keys, data privacy, and the wallet's safe and steady operation.

Instant KYC and AML

All initiatives aimed at preventing money laundering, such as blocking criminals from becoming customers and monitoring transactions for suspicious behavior, are referred to as anti-money laundering (AML). Customer identification and screening, as well as ensuring you understand their risk to your firm, are referred to as KYC.

Reporting Dashboard

The user-friendly reporting dashboard gives you real-time access to balance and transaction reports, ensuring complete transparency and assisting you in making well-informed decisions.

Funds Management

The funds management system streamlines money administration and provides information such as total fund supply, funds in circulation, and more.

User Management

It's easy to manage stakeholders, restrict or suspend users, and more with the powerful user management system. It also aids in the administration of user logins, rights, permissions, and roles.