Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

Cryptocurrency exchange software development create and offer highly secure and scalable exchange platforms that assist our clients in disrupting the cryptocurrency market.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Cryptocurrency exchange software developmentā€™s Security tokens are changing the way people raise money. Security tokens are paving the way for lawful fundraising by acquiring massive popularity, rapid growth, and widespread use.
The growing demand for security tokens necessitates the creation of a security token exchange platform where these tokens may be traded. A security token exchange is regulated as a broker-dealer by the Alternative Trading System (ATS). An ATS serves as a marketplace for buyers and sellers of securities.

Features of Exchange Development Services


Powerful Matching Engine

Cryptocurrency exchange software development offers the most advanced security token exchange platform, complete with a powerful matching engine that quickly matches buy and sell orders. Different types of orders, such as market, limit, and stop orders, are supported by our engine.It features built-in order types for buy and sell orders, which are one of the trading system's cornerstones.


Hot Wallet

We cryptocurrency exchange development company pair our security token exchange with a powerful multi-crypto hot wallet that boasts industry-leading security features like multi-signature support, secure storage, and seamless transactions for all cryptocurrencies.Multi-signature support, secure storage, and smooth transfers for various sorts of cryptocurrencies are just a few of the security features included in this hot wallet.


Multi-layer Security

SSL implementation and two-factor authentication are market-leading security features that ensure legitimate user access.Advanced security solutions like as two-factor authentication, data encryption, SSL encryption, HTTP authentication, anti-Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection, and more are used to reinforce each security token offering exchange.


API to External Exchange

To obtain high liquidity for your exchange, we construct a secure API link to an external security token exchange platform. The amount put in the foreign exchange's account determines liquidity. Wallet API, Coinbase Connect or Oauth2, Wallet Notifications, Merchant Checkouts, Coinbase Exchange API, and Toshi are the six primary features of Coinbase's API.


Payment Gateway Integration

Our security token exchange includes a payment gateway that allows users to purchase and sell tokens with fiat currencies using credit cards, debit cards, and other payment methods. This helps to provide a world-class user experience.


Multi-currency Transactions

Cryptocurrency exchange software development multi-currency wallet provides secure and quick transfers across a wide range of cryptocurrencies.Our multicurrency exchange platform, which is equipped with industry-leading security measures, provides exceptional performance for fast, secure, and simple transactions.


Multi-language Support

Your STO trading platform's worldwide reach is widened thanks to multilingual support. English, Russian, French, Spanish, Arabic, and other international languages can all be smoothly included into the conversation. The crypto exchanges will profit from multilingual customer care in the long run. Following the Coronavirus outbreak, the cryptocurrency market has seen an unexpected increase in trade volume.


KYC and AML Verification

KYC and AML Verification Geography-based Security Exchange Development KYC aids in the verification of a user's identity while adhering to the correct procedure. Our cryptocurrency exchange development company approve only valid and authenticated individuals will be able to access your security token exchange.


Escrow System

Development of a Security Exchange System of Escrow Direct trading between users is possible thanks to a secure, trusted smart contract-based Escrow mechanism. It streamlines and automates the payment processing procedure.Until the payment criteria are met, the escrow retains the deposited tokens. The parties participating in the transaction must ensure that both the agreed-upon product/service and money are provided.

Fuel your Token Exchange Platform Development

99.9% Uptime

The ability of a system to operate continuously for a set period of time without failing

Continuous Support

Cryptocurrency exchange software development company provides continuous support to the client.

Modular Architecture

The benefit of modular architecture is that any single component (module) can be replaced or added without affecting the rest of the system.

Market-leading Features

Our cryptocurrency exchange software development is Customer-centric. Market leaders never lose sight of the reality that the most crucial factor in attaining success is the client.

Cost-efficient Services

Cryptocurrency exchange development company provides a cost-efficient service.Cost effective service is provided to suit all the clients budget.

Design Thinking Driven Solutions

Design thinking claims to deliver realistic, practical, and inventive answers to organizational difficulties, as well as a methodical approach to solving problems.


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